(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. progress, go forward, proceed; further, second, aid. —n. progress, rise; success, gain; prepayment. See progression, debt, offer. Ant., retard; recede, withdraw.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The act of moving forward]
Syn. progression, motion, approach; see progress 1 .
2. [Improvement]
Syn. progress, advancement, New development, stride; see improvement 1 , 2 .
3. [Increase]
Syn. rise, progress, boost; see increase 1 .
4. [Loan]
Syn. accommodation, allowance, credit; see loan .
5. [Suggestion; usually plural ]
Syn. overture, approach, proposal; see proposal 1 , suggestion 1 .
in advance,
Syn. ahead of time, beforehand, up front, earlier; see ahead 2 , before 1 .
1. [To move forward]
Syn. progress, proceed, move on, forge ahead, press on, stride forward, push ahead, go on, go forth, gain ground, speed on, make headway, storm across, step forward, come to the front, conquer territory, march on, get on, move onward, continue ahead, push on, press on, eat up ground*, tear ahead*.
Ant. halt*, stop, stand still.
2. [To cause to move forward]
Syn. launch, propel, drive; see push 2 .
3. [To propose]
Syn. set forth, introduce, suggest; see propose 1 .
4. [To promote]
Syn. further, promote, forward, encourage; see promote 1 .
5. [To promote in rank or station]
Syn. raise, graduate, elevate; see promote 2 .
6. [To accelerate]
Syn. dispatch, speed up, move up, quicken; see hasten 2 .
7. [To lend]
Syn. loan, provide with, furnish; see lend 1 .
8. [To pay]
Syn. make payment, prepay, pay up; see pay 1 .
9. [To improve]
Syn. develop, make progress, get better; see improve 2 .
See Synonym Study at promote .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. forward movement progression, progress, headway.
2. progression progress, improvement, innovation, breakthrough, development, discovery.
3. flirtation overture, *move, offer, proposal, invitation.
4. payment loan, wages, prepayment, front, retainer, deposit.
1. bring forward progress, move ahead, propel, push, come, go, make headway, proceed, forge ahead, continue, gain ground, promote.
2. ascend in rank promote, step up, *climb up the corporate ladder, move up.
3. help hasten, quicken, aid, assist, further, forward, facilitate, back.
4. propose suggest, put forward, submit, proffer, recommend.
5. prepay deposit, retain, loan, front.
ANT.: 1. stop, reverse, go back. 2. demote, step down. 3. impede, detract, block
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb 1. To go forward, especially toward a conclusion: come (along), get along, march1, move, proceed, progress. See APPROACH. 2. To state, as an idea, for consideration: offer, pose, propose, propound, put forward, set forth, submit, suggest. See OFFER. 3. To cause to move forward or upward, as toward a goal: forward, further, promote. See FORWARD, HELP. 4. To raise in rank: elevate, jump, promote, raise, upgrade. See RISE. 5. To attain a higher status, rank, or condition: ascend, climb, mount, rise. Idiom: go up the ladder. See INCREASE, RISE. 6. To supply (money), especially on credit: lend, loan. See GIVE. II noun 1. Forward movement: advancement, furtherance, headway, march1, progress, progression. See BETTER, FORWARD. 2. The amount by which something is increased: boost, hike, increase, increment, jump, raise, rise. See INCREASE. 3. A preliminary action intended to elicit a favorable response. Used in plural: approach, overture. See APPROACH. III adjective Going before: antecedent, anterior, earlier, precedent, preceding, previous, prior. See PRECEDE.

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